Monday, August 6, 2012

My kids stole my sanity

Hey y'all :) how's your Monday going? I kinda would like a do-over, but chances are it would still end up being a not my favorite type of day. The ice maker went from producing way too much ice to pouring water in the freezer & out of the fridge. My boys were total heathens in Hobby Lobby when I ran in to get a tshirt, which they did not even have. Anna Catherine kept trying to get away while I waited at the teller window at the bank. I could go on & on...all I really want to do is spend a few hours cleaning house so I can spend a little while crafting without guilt. I finally decided the boys & I would finally make the jet packs we found on Pinterest. I may never get all the silver spray paint & glue off my fingers, but I think they turned out cute. Of course when we finished the boys didn't want to play with them anymore. I didn't finish Anna Catherine's yet. Maybe later? Maybe not. We'll see. Enough negative Nancy from me. Here are pics of our project!

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