Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Power of Words

Have you ever made a comment to someone in passing that was a little sarcastic or almost mean? You know, just a little jab at a friend that once you said it, you felt the need to say "just joking" to make sure your friend wasn't offended? How about the flip side? Has someone close to you "joked" about a weakness you have in a manner that makes you think they truly meant what they said, but felt bad about admitting it out loud? That's kinda where I am today. A short little comment inserted in a conversation yesterday stung me a little. Of course it was followed by a quick "oh she knows I'm just joking," but that didn't make it sting any less. I have no problem forgiving. In fact, I've already forgiven this dear friend & have no grudge. What I struggle with is how I let little comments shape who I am. These few words that were spoken to fill conversation attach themselves to my weakness, making the weakness a little bigger than it was yesterday. What a shock to realize that what I find as a small weakness in myself can grow to such a paralyzing size when left unaddressed. God made me just how I am. He knew what weaknesses I had & loved me anyway. I pray that He helps me overcome this issue I struggle with. I pray that instead of letting others' words make me feel weak, I will allow God to show me what He can do with a flawed girl who lets Him be in charge. That's the purpose of us having weaknesses anyway, isn't it? To let His strength shine through when it's obvious we can't do it ourselves? I think so.

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Aunt Pat said...

I know how you feel. I seem to wear my feeling real close to the surface. I wish that one day I could just let it all roll off like water on a ducks back like they say.