Monday, March 29, 2010

My sweet boys

Hey yall. Time to share a few recent photos of the boys. First up we have Anthony in his John Deere shirt. When asked how he got the gaping hole in the front during the night, he said, "This shirt was so boring so I bit a hole in it and tore it with my hands."

Next up we have Anthony helping me skate at his 4th birthday party. He can be such a sweetie when he wants to be.

The final 2 pictures were actually taken this evening. Jason took the training wheels off Joey's bike, then helped him learn to ride.

I'm so proud of my big boy! He was so scared but he did great. He still needs a little practice getting started, but he'll figure it out.

Gotta go get Joey a snack now since he saw Anthony had one. Oh nevermind, I wasn't quick enough, so Jason got it. It's hard to get them to bed on time when it gets dark so late!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anthony's first t-ball practice

Anthony had his first t-ball practice this evening. He just looks so small to be playing ball!

Even though he was the smallest, he still played hard. He's still got a lot to learn, but he'll figure it all out.
Here they are in their little team huddle. Not all the kids were there this evening, but of the ones that were there, he was about the smallest.

We actually were able to walk to practice this evening. Joey and I came home before it was over. It was so cute to watch them play ball.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Smurf Glass

Hey yall. I wanted to share my newest project--glass painting! I picked up a glass painting kit at Michael's the other day. It included some type of clear primer stuff you brush on the glass first. After painting, you have to wait 10 days before washing, but it is supposed to be dishwasher safe. I painted it on the 10th, so I can wash it on the 20th.
I painted my name on one side and a cute little smurf on the other side. Since I have no artistic ability whatsoever, I cut a stencil out of vinyl. When I removed the stencil, I also removed some of the paint. I guess next time I'll put the stencil on the inside of the glass and try to paint within the lines on the outside.
So just a few more days until I can drink out of my glass! In other news, I spent this past weekend at a scrapbook retreat at beautiful Lake D'Arbonne. My allergies were acting up and I ran fever on and off, but other than that I had a blast. I finished 20 something scrapbook pages which is great, but I had hoped to do more. I started working on our Disney trip last year. I managed to get the airplane ride and Magic Kingdom finished before I moved on to work on my cousin Ashley's wedding book. I'm gonna take pictures of what I've done so far. It's turning out beautiful, but of course anything with Ashley involved can't help but be gorgeous.
I went to the doctor today (yep, gonna be a long post) and got an antibiotic for my sinus infection. While there we talked about the fact that my heart rate is still quite fast and I'm still quite tired. Blah, blah, blah, get off caffeine, blah, blah, blah. I've gotta get some fasting lab work done tomorrow morning before work and we'll see what happens after 3 months of no caffeine. The thing is, a rapid heart rate will make you tired. The toprol lowers the heart rate, but it's side effect is that it makes you tired. If he puts me on a higher dose of toprol, the tiredness from the increased dosage may be more than the energy increase from the lowered heart rate. I guess I'm just gonna take it one day at a time and see what happens. Anyhow, I hope yall have a wonderful evening. I need to make a phone call shortly to my little Anthony, who turned 4 today. He and Joey are spending spring break with Gramma and Pops in St Francisville. Happy Birthday Anthony!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Joey's 2 Front Teeth

Yesterday morning was slightly traumatic at our house. Joey's 2 front teeth have been loose for several months. They were so loose that they were crooked. He complained that they hurt when he tried to eat, so he wasn't eating well lately. They were constantly bothering him, but he was scared to touch them and was waiting for them to literally FALL out. Jason and I decided to take action. We knew they needed to come out, but didn't want the dentist to have to do it since this would probably make him even more scared of the dentist (who has never done anything but checkups).

Here's an after shot. Jason held him down while I pulled the first one. Pulled is an exaggeration. When I grabbed it there was no pulling necessary. Joey was screaming before I even got near him and kept screaming in terror. I felt so bad, but we had to do something. He rinsed his mouth, calmed down a little, then got all upset again when we told him we had to pull the other one. It was a little trickier until I pushed it the right direction and it popped right out too. I've never seen him happier after it was over! He was so relieved to have those teeth gone. He said it didn't hurt, but that he was so scared it was gonna hurt. Then he said maybe it hurt a little, but not like he thought it would. I think he's got the cutest smile now! The tooth fairy brought him a whopping $10. We asked him if all that was worth the $10 and he said yeah. We told him we only got quarters and dimes for teeth when we were kids. He said that was because we lived in the 1900's and he lives in the 2000's. We couldn't help but laugh! He also said you get more when someone else pulls your teeth and he had 2 people helping with both of these. He's with Jason at Toys R Us now buying a new video game with the money he's been saving.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My latest projects

Hey yall. I've found a great stress reliever--crocheting granny squares. I'm currently making 2 squares a night. At this rate maybe I'll have enough to make a blanket by the time I'm 40. Of course I don't know how to join them together yet, but I'll get momma to show me how once I've gotten all the squares done.

My sweet friend Sharon is having a party for her dad and his twin brother this weekend. They are turning 90 years old! She bought some guest books and wanted me to put their names on them. They already had the word GUESTS on them.

Wesley is her uncle and Charlie is her dad. I really love how these books turned out! I used gold vinyl that was cut with my Cricut.
Ok, I gotta get to crocheting. Today was pretty rough at work, so I need to de-stress. Sometimes my brain just chooses not to work, and today was one of those days I guess. I struggled with one little thing for hours this afternoon. I'm happy I figured it out (with help) before I left this evening. Anyhow, yall have a great evening.