Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Jax

We had a very special visitor Monday evening while Anthony was at tball practice. Christy and baby Jax came by! Jax is 7 weeks old, but was born 8 weeks early, so he won't even be at his due date until next week. He's such a sweetie! He's up to 9 pounds now.

Joey begged and begged to hold him. I love this picture of them together. Jax had a checkup yesterday and is doing great. The doctor visit must have worn him out, though, because he slept all evening. I'm sure he'll be running after big brother Trent in no time!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's swimming season!

Swimming season started at the Roubique house last week. Last Thursday Jason and the boys got in the pool for the first time this year. Here's Anthony easing in.
Joey's response to the cold water was a little more animated than Anthony's. They said it wasn't as cold as they thought it would be.

Here's Joey hanging out in the pool. Last Sunday at the skating rink another kid skated into him on accident, causing him to fall and hit his cheek on the floor. He's had a bruise for almost 2 weeks now.

Anthony wanted his Daddy to carry him around the pool, but it didn't take him long to realize that this year he is tall enough to stand in the shallow end all by himself!

They swam on Thursday and Friday, then a cold front came through Saturday night, so they're back to begging every day to swim while we tell them it's too cold. It's still gonna be a few more weeks before the water is warm enough for me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My opinions

Hey yall. So I'm watching Shrek 3 with the kiddos and during the commercial break a tampon commercial came on. I just wanted to share my opinion with my faithful audience. Marketing should not put those type of commercials on during a show for children! Thank goodness the boys didn't ask what "nature's monthly gift" was. This was the commercial where "Mother Nature" is actually holding a wrapped present to represent the monthly gift. What are they thinking?

On the other hand, the boys LOVED the Axe commercial where the guy with his hair spiked up dives into the ocean to impress a girl. When he comes out of the water, there are fish impaled on his hair spikes! Then a big bird starts chasing him to get the birds. That one was quite entertaining.

Earlier we watched a Cheezit commercial and Joey picked up a new knock knock joke. He called Aunt Pat to try it out on her, but she had already heard it. Maybe some of you faithful readers will get to hear this new joke from Joey soon. Anthony learned a new joke on some tv show. Here's how it goes.
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Justin who?
Just in the neighborhood!
Of course since we laughed he now thinks he can make up anything and it's a funny knock knock joke.

That's it for this evening. We're gonna finish watching Shrek 3 and then head to bed. Hopefully the boys will sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning. We've got a free day until our tball game at 7:15pm. Not sure what we'll do, but with the crew we've got around here it's guaranteed to be fun! Have a great evening and I'll catch you later.

Fun Times with Aunt Pat & James

Last Saturday Aunt Pat & James came to West Monroe. We watched Anthony's tball game, then went to Kiroli Park for a picnic & some fishing. Here's James trying to catch a big one.

I am proud to say I was the only one to catch a fish, even if it was a little one. It was so much fun.Here I am putting on worms. It seems like I was constantly putting worms on my hook! You could actually see the fish under the water, they were just too smart.
After Aunt Pat & James headed back to Jordan Hill, I took the boys over to the playground for a little while. I tried to get a good picture of them.

After I took the picture, Anthony got a huge grin on his face and said, "I didn't smile for your picture!" He's such a silly kid. We had so much fun on this busy Saturday. I'm looking forward to another fun day soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just talking

So I just realized I haven't taken the time to ramble on my blog lately and let's face it, what's a blog without random rambling? I really haven't done much crafty lately to talk about. Well, actually I made t-shirts for Anthony's tball fans last weekend. Not all his fans, just me, Joey, Aunt Pat, and James. Jason was out of town and I figured he'd want a more professional team shirt, so I didn't make him one. Last night I etched names on some glasses for some volunteers at church, but at this point yall have probably seen enough etched glass to last you a lifetime. I haven't done a lot of reading lately either. I've been reading The Buck Stops Here by Mindy Starns Clark for months now. If you haven't read her Million Dollar Mystery series, I definitely recommend it. She's a Christian author and this is the second time for me to read the series.

Hmm. What to talk about in paragraph 2. The kids! Boy, they have been busy. Joey's soccer season overlapped with Anthony's tball practice for a week, which wasn't too bad. Joey's coach had been trying to get him to make physical contact all year. He was always afraid he was going to hurt himself or another kid, so he worked hard not to make physical contact. In the next to last game, Joey kicked the ball into a kid's face and was so proud! Don't worry, the kid barely noticed, so he was obviously not hurt. Anthony is so happy to finally get to play a sport instead of being a spectator these last 3 years. He is just adorable in his uniform and plays hard.

Work has been going okay. I still wish I could stay home, but since that's not gonna happen at least I have a great place to go to work. It is quite stressful at times, but I think it's pressure I'm putting on myself. There are parts of my job that I absolutely hate, but everyone has that.

I'm doing pretty good following doctor's orders with no caffeine. I'm also trying to cut down on eating all the junk, which is a big challenge. I've switched to Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and I LOVE it! It is so much better than diet coke. Ok, off topic here, but Joey just came in the living room and asked me to look and see if he wiped his butt good enough. It's no wonder I can't focus on anything! Now I hear him asking his brother if his butt still has brown on it. Good grief. Anyway, I'm eating a little healthier now. I figure some improvement is better than nothing. As of Monday I had lost 8 pounds since March 16, which I'm pretty proud of. I've tried walking and running in the evenings. Of course the running is quite awkward, but I'm trying. I'd really like to take up tennis. It just looks fun and it's gotta be a lot of exercise running all over the court. I'm thinking I need to get in shape a little more before I tackle tennis. Plus it will be hard to play by myself since I don't really know anyone who plays.

I'm thinking about asking for an iPod Touch for either Mother's Day or my birthday (June). I'd like to have an iPod, but after hearing about all the cool stuff the iPod Touch can do, I want that particular one. Since I don't have internet on my phone, I think it would be cool to have the WiFi capability. I love the commercials for the new iPad, but I think I'd rather have the iPod Touch since I don't have a regular iPod yet. I'm thinking about deferring the iPod to my birthday though and asking for patio furniture for Mother's Day. We've always talked about getting some patio furniture for out by the pool, but have just never done it.

All this going on and on has kinda made me tired. Well, that and the 2 wild boys. I hear SpongeBob blaring from the boys' room right now. I am so thankful for SpongeBob. Last Saturday the boys got up at 6:42am. Are you kidding me? That's earlier than I wake them up on a school morning! I told them to go watch SpongeBob and they left me along until 8:11am. I was much happier with that extra little sleep than I would have been had I gotten up so early. We had such a busy Saturday planned that I needed that extra sleep. Well, after watching the cursor blink for 3 minutes I realize I must be done. Congratulations to those of you who stuck with reading this far! I wish I had something monumental to say now to make it worth all the reading, but nothing is coming to mind. Well, maybe you were able to not think about all the stress in your life during the 5 minutes you were reading this. I'll stick with that for now. Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime!

Anthony's Playing Tball!

Anthony's tball season started last week and he is the cutest little tball player ever! I'm a little biased I guess, but everyone else seems to think he's cute too. Here's a picture of him listening to coach.
He is such a big boy in the dugout! I was a little worried he wouldn't want to stay in there without us, but he did fine with the other kiddos.
Here he is hitting the ball. He did so good. It's hard to run the bases with those little short legs, but he did his very best.
When Anthony made it home, Coach Charlie was so excited for him! This picture is from the first game, but I think it's going to remain my favorite the whole season.

We are loving these tball games. I'm sure we'll be a little tired of the ballpark by the time the season ends, but so far we can't get enough. It's so much easier than when Joey was playing because I'm not chasing a 2 year old who's trying to get on the ball field. I hope yall enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Easter Fun

After lunch today, we went to a local hardware store. Jason needed a new blade for the edger and we wanted to see the baby chicks and rabbits.
Can you believe it? Joey is actually holding a baby chick who's flapping its wings to get away! He was more adventurous with the animals than Anthony was.

I think Joey liked the bunnies the best. They also had goats, a bull, horses, chickens, and puppies.

Anthony found a different batch of baby chicks and grabbed one of them. Hopefully he didn't traumatize it too much.

There was also a gigantic turtle. He kept trying to escape. The boys didn't get to touch it because of the signs posted all over the bin saying not to touch. It was definitely a fun little field trip down the road. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Weekend!

It's Easter weekend and I had Good Friday off, so we took a road trip to Shreveport!
First we went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch and playing games. This is the first time I've been able to go with Jason and the boys. The pizza was delicious and we had a blast!
Then we went to Sci-Port. The boys had lots of fun playing with everything from pasta to dominoes. They had to hang out in the Earth chair first.
Saturday morning while Jason went to run errands we dyed Easter eggs. We don't do this every year, but maybe we should start doing it more often. They had so much fun. The best part was that I talked them into helping me clean the kitchen first so we'd have plenty of counter space.

They don't eat the eggs, but I do. Looks like I've got breakfast for a while! They're ready to hunt Easter eggs and see what the Easter bunny is going to bring them. We're going to church in the morning and then have the rest of the day off together. Joey is having a friend over Monday, but I've gotta head back to work. Ok, Anthony is diving from the couch to the recliner, so I need to go intervene. Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!