Monday, November 8, 2010

More stuff for baby Emma

Ok, I just tried to schedule a post for Monday night & it didn't work (right now it's Sunday night), so I'm gonna try it again. If it doesn't work I guess I'll just have 3 posts on Sunday night & then none for a few days. I've got a few more things I've done for Jessica's baby shower since it's in a week and a half & for once I don't wanna be making stuff at the last minute. This first one is a race car that says Daddy's Girl under it. Jessica's husband Jesse races at a dirt track on the weekends, so I wanted to make Emma a car shirt.
This next one is a brown onesie with pink & brown fabric. The colors are not coming out on my camera very well.
Finally we have a pink & green paisley butterfly. I figured Jessica might get tired of seeing Emma's name on every single shirt I make for her!

The pink race car shirt & green butterfly shirt are 12 month shirts & the rest are 3-6 months, so she should have a variety for quite a while. I didn't want everything to be the same size.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Cricut Rocks!

I'm back with more stuff I've been doing with my Cricut. First up I've got another bag I made with my new SVG files from MyScrapChick. I used glittery cardstock this time & the cardstock makes the bag so much better. I need to make a ton of these for Christmas just to have on hand.
Next up is the LSU Tigers shirt I made. I actually made 2 of these & have at least one more to make. I also made myself one with LSU in a golden yellow on a charcoal colored tshirt, but it's not nearly as cute as this one, so I haven't taken a picture. I did wear it Saturday though.

I'm having so much fun with my Cricut! A few things I've learned about cutting fabric with Ultra HeatNBond - use a deep cut blade on 6, pressure 5, & make sure you press your fabric down on your mat super good so it doesn't slip. Oh, & remove the backing paper on the HeatNBond before putting it on your mat or you'll be scraping it off. That's it for now. Have a good evening!

Emma & Sadie :)

Yall, I have a serious addiction to baby clothes right now! I am having so much fun putting fabric on onesies & shirts. I spent Friday night shopping for new fonts online (yeah, I'm a dork) & found a CUTE one at called Lollihop. I made 2 onesies with it this evening. The first one is for Emma, whose baby shower I will be attending next week.
The second is for Sadie, a precious little girl at church. The yellow vinyl doesn't match the yellow of the flowers, but it's just so cute that I don't care it doesn't match. Emma's name cut out cute, but Sadie's is just gorgeous.

I know this is just another crafting phase I'm in, but hopefully it will last for a little while so I can get several cute projects done and make some mommas happy in the meantime.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mishap in the Minivan

Hey yall. Today has been a LONG day. I knew today would be a rough day at work, I just didn't realize I wouldn't be getting to work until 10am...

I was driving along close to the high school this morning & a 16 year old boy in a huge jacked up truck decided to change lanes. The problem is I was already occupying the spot in the lane where he wanted to go. My van is smashed & scraped on the driver's side from the mirror to the back tire. It really didn't feel like that bad of a hit, so I was surprised when I got out & looked at the damage. The black along the bottom is from his tires, which were wider than the truck. I couldn't get the door open from the outside & once I did, I couldn't get the handle back in place to keep the door shut without banging on it. The window wouldn't roll down either. The frame where the front & back doors meet is bent. His truck has a few scratches on the corner of the front passenger bumper. Everyone was ok, though, & I could tell he felt really bad. His mom was super nice too. We took the van straight to the body shop & State Farm had given a claim number for them to start on the $5k in damages before lunch. In the meantime I'm driving a rental. They tried to give Jason an economy car & he said no, we drive a minivan. They asked if we had a lot of kids & he said yeah, we've got a LOT of kids (cuz you know, even though there's just the 2, sometimes it feels like 12). So I've got a white Chrysler Town & Country minivan for the next week or so. I knew I loved my van, but didn't realize how much until I got a "replacement" van to drive. I miss my van. Anyway, I didn't make anything this evening, but I figured I'd share my little adventure with yall. Have a good night!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monogram Ornament shirts

Good evening! This year I have actually gotten a jump start on some Christmas projects! This evening I worked on some precious little shirts for some precious little girls. This first one is for baby Ella. The second one is for little Layla. The little gold part at the top is probably crooked in this pictures, but that's because I haven't ironed on that part yet. Jodie & I have discussed some options for the top of the ornament, but since she hasn't actually seen the gold fabric I was telling her about I decided to just bring her those pieces & she can iron them on if she likes them. If she's not a big fan of the gold we can sew a piece of ribbon on the top & tie a bow.

I just LOVE how these turned out! I've got plenty more projects to work on, but unfortunately do not have an endless supply of time on my hands. I try to do just a little each evening. I had someone at work today ask me about personalizing some glass bowls, so I may work on that soon. Thanks for coming by to look at my fun stuff!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little girls love football too!

Happy Election Day! Let me just start off by saying I HATE politics, so I avoided the tv today. I did go vote, but I'm so tired of hearing all the political blah blah blah! I spent my evening helping out some sweet little girls who love Saints football, but can't find any girlie Saints gear.

The onesie above is for sweet little Ella, who is 4 1/2 months old. The shirt below if for adorable Layla, who is 3 years old. I really hope their momma Jodie likes how these turned out.
I didn't want to just give them to her in a Wal Mart bag, so I decided to use one of my new sets of SVG files from My Scrap Chick. This is from the Bigger Bags set & I'm quite impressed with the size. It's about 5 inches tall, more than 6 inches wide, & almost 3 inches deep.

As you can see below, it was the perfect size for the two little pink shirts I made this evening. I put the picture of the bag of goodies on my Jennifer's Etched Glass facebook page & tagged Jodie in it, but I didn't want her to see a picture of the shirts.

I think I had taken too long of a break from my Cricut & now I'm trying to make up for lost time. I'm finding new stuff all the time that I can do. It's especially fun to work on girlie stuff since I live in a house with way too much boy stuff. Thanks for checking out my stuff & I hope to be back soon with more!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jars with Vinyl

Good evening yall. My friend Cherie had asked me some time back to etch some jars for her. I finally got time to work on them & asked her if I could put vinyl on them instead of etching, since the etching wouldn't show up when she put sugar & flour in them.
The jars look awesome, especially after she added the sugar to this one. I'm so glad she sent me a picture once she filled it up.

The vinyl will come off, but the jars shouldn't have any problems since you don't typically wash sugar & flour jars every day. I'll have to check in with her occassionally to see how they're holding up.