Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm going to Michael's!

I didn't think Saturday would ever get here this week, but it did and now it's almost over! I went to Lori's house scrapbooking last night and got 9 pages done. I was focusing on quantity and not quality, so I won't be posting pictures of these pages online. I had a great time, but it was more fun the time before when I was there. I'm not as comfortable around people I don't know and there were a few new people there. I'm hoping to get my papercrafting area cleaned up this afternoon so I can get creative in there. I'm pretty excited about the next project I have planned. I'm the GA director at church. For those of you who don't know about this, GA means Girls in Action and this is a group of K-6th grade girls that meet on Wednesday nights to learn about missions. Anyway, when Jason gets back from the hardware store, I'm going to Michael's (yay!) to pick up the Coluzzle puzzle template. I'm going to print the GA scripture verse on a sheet of paper, decorate it, glue to some cardboard, and cut it out using the puzzle template to give the girls a puzzle to work. I'm sure it won't go as smoothly as I want it to, but if it does work, I have a new gift idea! I can make my paper boxes to hold the puzzle pieces. I'll post pictures of this project when I finish. I think my favorite thing about this project is that it gives me a legitimate excuse to go to Michael's and buy something!!! I gotta go clean my crafting area now while I can. Jason's at the store, Anthony is asleep, and Joey is playing Super Smash Bros on the Wii, so this may be only chance for a while to work without interruption. If you actually read this whole post from beginning to end, you deserve a gold star! Either that, or you're really bored and need a hobby. If this is the case, you can become my papercrafting buddy. Or babysitter. Or my free of charge housekeeper. Or whatever. Just send me a post and let me know which one you would prefer!

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Jessica said...

If I still lived there I'd be your babysitter!