Sunday, August 24, 2008

Puzzle Project

OK people. I'm here with a picture of the puzzle project you read so much about yesterday. I told you it probably wouldn't go as smoothly as planned, didn't I? Well, I was right. I wanted the Coluzzle puzzle template, which in my memory was about a 20-25 piece 8 x 10 puzzle. Coluzzle works by being a hard plastic template that has grooves cut through it that you run a swivel knife through. It is still a little work, but much better than scissors. Here's my finished project.

I just tried figuring out how to change my photo to landscape, but to no avail. Anyway, Michael's discontinued the Coluzzle products, put them all on clearance, and they were gone. I did find a Sizzix die that was a 6 piece 3 x 4.5 for my Sizzix diecutter, so that's what I used. It turned out great, it just makes a very simple puzzle and I wanted something a little more complicated for the girls to work on. Anyhow, gotta get ready for my Weekday Board Meeting. I'm still gonna try to figure out how to fix the picture. I haven't gotten any comments. Does that mean no one is reading, or you are all just stalking? It doesn't really matter. I was just curious.


Pat said...

I found your blog quite interesting. I hope you can find some templates for your puzzles. Some puzzles of the boys would make great presents. Good luck with the homework!

Jessica said...

Good idea! You are so creative! That is truly a gift from God and I'm glad you are using it to glorify Him!