Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pictures of kids

Hey yall. So I found out Uncle John doesn't read my blog so much as he looks at the pictures, so here's some pictures of the boys. First up is Joey's habitat box he had to make for school. He chose the forest habitat.

Pretty cool, huh? Next I have a picture of Anthony before school this morning. He wore his Tigger costume for their Halloween party.

I'll put better pics up after Halloween.

And for those who read, I have a yucky bug story. While I was loading these pictures, I felt something on my knee. I scratched my pants and could feel a bug! I tried to find it so I would know what it was, but all I saw was a flash of gray before I lost it. Eew! I had to change my pants because I couldn't find it and was afraid it was still there. Anthony said, "It's ok Mom. It's not on your pants. It's ok now." How sweet. Anyhow, gotta run. Have a good evening!

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Aunt Pat said...

ok. in your next update you need to explain to your followers that John CAN read...he just chooses not to. now he's crawfishing and saying he does read them. he likes the pictures best.