Friday, October 30, 2009

Playhouse Disney Live

Hey yall. First of all, I would like to clarify yesterday's statement--Uncle John does know how to read and does take the time to read (or skim) my blog, he just likes the pictures best. I'm sure it's because my boys are so cute. Tonight we went to Playhouse Disney Live. Here some pictures.

The show was great. Well, it was ok. The great part was seeing Anthony's face. He really enjoyed himself. Joey said he loved it too, I just wasn't sitting close enough to him to see. Too bad there's not a Phineas & Ferb Live. We would be all over that one. Anyway, I'm worn out from working all day, going to the show, and enduring all the ridicule from Joey about my lack of voice. Yep, you should have heard him chanting, "You can't yell, you can't yell" after he drove me insane. Thank goodness they've calmed down (finally) while watching our favorite show. I'm gonna sneak off to bed. Got lots of company coming tomorrow, so I need my rest. Good night!


Anonymous said...

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