Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas at the Roubique house

The boys and I spent Sunday putting up the Christmas tree. They really helped out a lot this year. Even Anthony could help with the branches.
Of course I still had to do the lights, but Joey helped guide the lights around the tree for me.
Then we put on all the ornaments. I think they got a little bored before they were all done, and there are crowded spots and blank spots, but they had fun overall.
We don't have a themed tree, just a comglomeration of ornaments from over the years. Joey is big enough to remember the ornaments from year to year, so he looks forward to seeing his favorites.

Ta-da! All done finally! We wrapped the presents on Saturday, so we piled them under the tree and put out our other Christmas decorations. Each of the boys got to arrange a Nativity set on the fireplace. I hope your Christmas festivities are going nicely.

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Christina said...

AWWW I love seeing everyone's trees. It is awesome to see kids faces light up when they remember they got this ornament or what that one means. One of the many great things of the season!