Friday, June 25, 2010

PJ's Fun Week 1 - Last of the Butterflies

Hey yall! I've got the last of the submissions for Butterfly week. The first pictures I want to show you are of my Mom's quilt. It's called Butterfly Party.

No, she technically did not make this whole thing this week, but it still counts. Here's a picture of one of the quilt blocks so you can see the detail.

Next up I have another creation by Aunt Pat. She used metallic vinyl and made a butterfly to put on her van. It's the same butterfly she used on her card.

She said it's hard to get a picture of how pretty it is in real life. I'm sure the sun and the flash from the camera make the sparkles shine through more than the real colors.
I hope you've enjoyed seeing all of our butterfly creations this week. I'm really excited that we had such different projects to show you. I'm still throwing around a couple of ideas for this next week's theme. It could be a color, a technique, an item to include, a holiday, anything. Hopefully I have it decided on by tomorrow morning so I can make my project and get it online for yall. Have a great afternoon!

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