Thursday, January 5, 2012

Classic Anthony moments

This post is dedicated completely to Anthony because he has given me so much to write about! I love my sweet middle child, but he is definitely one of a kind (or exactly like his daddy).

Yesterday I reminded Anthony that today was his snack day at school, so I would be driving him to help bring his snacks. He said, "nah, I'd rather ride the bus." I'm thinking he's gonna have a hard time carrying 24 Capri sun drinks & 24 packs of Oreos all by himself, but then Jason offers to go in to work late so he can bring him. Anthony jumps right on that opportunity & is pretty excited. When I asked him why I couldn't take him, all he would tell me was that I wasn't gonna get an answer to my question. Finally he told Joey, who whispered to me that it was because I'm a girl. He's 5 & too big for his momma already!

Last night after church Jason had a meeting, so I brought the boys home to bathe them & get them in bed. We've been having trouble getting Anthony out of the tub lately. He keeps stalling until Jason just pulls him out, which usually makes him get mad & cry while yelling that he had an itch to scratch or he kept slipping. Last night I didn't want to have to pull him out, so I told him I would follow them to school. He jumped right out!

The boys played outside this afternoon, & when I went outside a few minutes ago, I saw Anthony has already torn up his new boots he got for Christmas (picture attached). Some days I don't know what to do with him!


Aunt Pat said...

Oh my! What can I say that you haven't already said. He's his Daddy's son. But we love him cause that's the way he is.

Christina said...

LOL I am amazed at how quickly kids go through shoes. My youngest does the same thing