Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yummies in the kitchen

The boys go back to school tomorrow so I tried to make sure they had a great time on their last vacation day. They played with Brady, Gabriel, & Sadie, we all went on a family walk, then I made them some yummies in the kitchen. Anthony & I made peanut butter balls first. He's been begging me to make them ever since he finished off my mom's Reese squares & my Oreo balls. Then I made some grilled cheese pizzas for my picky boys. Joey loved it (which is a miracle) & ate 2 of them. It's like a regular grilled cheese, but instead of American cheese in the middle it had pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, & pepperoni. I LOVE Pinterest, which is where I saw the idea. I've now got a sleeping baby in my lap. Life doesn't get much better!

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