Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am NOT the worst cook in America!

The other day my boys saw a commercial for a cooking reality show called Worst Cook in America (or America's Worst Cook, I can't remember). They thought I should definitely try out for that show. It has been years since I have cooked on a regular basis. Jason loves to cook & he's good at it. Here lately my kitchen creations have been not so great. I have decided to redeem myself one meal at a time. Last night I made chicken tortilla rollups with chips & rotel dip. Today for lunch I made BBQ chicken (homemade sauce!), potato salad (I'm good at this), & baked beans (from a can). It is all so delicious! I'm adding a picture of my plate at the bottom. The boys also thought I should be on Biggest Loser--aren't they so sweet?! I'm hoping eating a bigger lunch will keep me from snacking as much in the evening. My friend & I are walking 2-3 miles each morning so by the afternoon I am starving. Yesterday I ate 2 small oranges & a banana but was still hungry. Anyway, enough rambling for now. I'm cooking up a special supper for Jason & it needs a little attention. Be sure to check back soon to see what it is!


Danni said...

That looks so yummy!!! now I'm craving baked beans and potato salad...and yummy chicken! LOL!

Aunt Pat said...

that does look good. next time we visit you'll have to make me and James some tater salad.