Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer vaca day 2 & Wed preview

Today was another good summer vacation day, but I sure am worn out! We stuck to our schedule except for a movie change. The boys had a great time stuffing donuts in their mouth. I also took a picture of them chilling at Dr Bimle's office. Anna Catherine does not have an ear infection, but her throat is very red from all the sinus drainage. The boys & I squeezed in a few minutes to start our egg experiment for later in the week. I'll have to find the link & attach it in case anyone wants to try it. The first step is to dissolve the shell with vinegar. I've included a picture of tomorrow's schedule. Hopefully I can remember to blog from the computer so I can include the link to our baking soda & vinegar painting. I hope you are enjoying your week as much as we are!

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