Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Slowly getting better

Hey yall. Thanks for all the well wishes after my monologue on Sunday. I'm still not as better as I wish I was, but I think I'll make it. I would LOVE to show yall some pictures of my latest creations (latest meaning several days ago) but I can't find the camera. I've taken pictures of the cards I made, but didn't upload them yet. I'm pretty sure I'm the one who lost the camera, but maybe Jason took it to Joey's Cub Scout meeting tonight. So anyway, yall are stuck with the recent pics that have been uploaded (my kiddos).

Here's Joey at his last flag football game. I don't think he's real sad it's over.

Here's Anthony with his latest school art project. His teacher said he really enjoys craft time and does great on all his projects. I wonder where he gets that from???

Hopefully I can get back on here later to show you my cards. Yall have a good evening!

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aunt pat said...

I'm glad you're getting better and I can't wait to see you and the boys this weekend. We are gonna have to go play with the toys at