Sunday, November 9, 2008

Warning--rant ahead

OK--you've been warned in the title. This is gonna be a LONG post and I will NOT be offended if you don't read it, but it's gonna happen anyway. Lemme start from the beginning of this crappy weekend.

Friday I woke up with a sore throat. Not a scratchy little sore throat, but an I think I have strep sore throat. When I got off work Friday at 4:45, Jason aka Greatest Husband Ever picked up Anthony from daycare and took both boys tailgating and to the West Monroe ballgame so I could go to the after hours clinic and get this thing taken care of. It started out pretty good--no one was in the waiting room, so I was seen pretty quick. They kinda panicked when my heart rate was 135, but I assured them it's been this high for quite some time. I was "encouraged" by the nurse then the doctor to go get that checked out, which I promised I would. The strep test can back negative which surprised the doctor (nurse practitioner, whatever) because my throat was so red. I didn't have any sinus congestion, so I didn't need a steroid shot, just the antibiotic shot. They then made me wait 5 minutes so they could check my vitals again. By the time they checked again, my heart rate slowed to 129 (6 whole points) and I then had fever, which I didn't have when I arrived. I gave my insurance card to the pharmacy, picked up dinner in a drive-thru, and went home. Good part--I received 3 envelopes of swapped images in the mail!!! Bad part--I felt too much like crap to play with them. I had hours alone and only the strength to lay in the bed and watch tv.

I got up Saturday feeling 100 times worse than Friday. My grandmother came and got Anthony, Jason and Joey went to the flag football game, and I slept. Again, alone time wasted. I finally felt a little better Saturday evening. I made a card or two and then took Joey to go pick up Anthony. We came home, crappy feeling came back, I ate dinner and went to bed after taking 1 Nyquil gel-tab. Keep in mind this is a half dose.

I woke up briefly Sunday morning and told Jason I didn't think I was gonna make it to church. The next time I woke up was around 10:15am. I had dreams so crazy they couldn't have even been shown on the Sci-Fi channel. Jason was impressed I didn't kill anybody in my dreams this time. He knows how my Nyquil-coma dreams are. I felt much better than Saturday. I took a shower. For the next 2 hours I felt like I was kinda foggy and might fall out. I took a nap with Anthony, then got up and studied my lesson for my Sunday night class. Then the fever set in. Jason was in a meeting at church. Me and the boys went on up to the church about an hour early so they could play up there and hopefully not drive me crazy. I obviously looked as bad as I felt, so Jason gave me a package of Reese cups (my favorite) and told me I really needed to go home and rest. Cherie said she'd handle the class and Jason said he'd handle getting the boys home. So here I am. More time alone, and all I have the energy to do is lay in the stupid bed watching stupid tv. That's right people, I'm bitter. The only good thing right now is that I'm fixin to find some card layouts I like and add them to my sketch notebook. And Ace of Cakes is on. Of course it's probly going off and something I don't like will come on, forcing me to flip channels again.

If you ACTUALLY read all of this, then you just lost precious moments of your life that you will never get back again. You could have spent that time with your family, but instead you spent it with my ramblings. Thanks. And Jason--if you're reading this, we're out of chicken noodle soup and I can't for the life of me remember to tell you that in person.

OK. This show is called Ace of Cakes, not Cake Guy Swimming with Sea Animals. And who names a shark-ray Sweet Pea? Oh cool. The next show is about Dr. Seuss inspired cakes. Maybe there's time for this day to turn around. Alright, as much as I have enjoyed chatting with you, my imaginary friend, this laptop burning my lap is not helping my fever considering this is the fever stage where I'm sweating. Hopefully I'll get my weekend cards uploaded in the next few days. Thanks for reading.


Christina said...

Get well soon! I tell ya I am starting to relate!

swannermom said...

i know that you feel really bad, and i shouldn't be laughing, but your rant just gave me my first good laugh of the week!! keep in mind i'm not laughing AT you....just at your hilarious post! if it makes you feel any better, my weekend was almost as bad! i worked two 12-hour shifts at the hospital Friday & Saturday, then Saturday night (or morning) at 3am Brady woke up with breathing (or trying) that sounded like a rabid dog dying. he was barely moving any air. needless to say, we went to the ER immediately for a breathing treatment, steroid shot, chest x-ray...the works. not fun. i was soooo exhausted to begin with and then had to comfort him. AND of course Kenneth was out of town, as usual, so i had to drag Blake out of bed to go there too! yesterday was lazy day at my house for sure! brady is doing fine now...just taking medicine. hope you feel better today!

Sally said...

Hope you feel better soon!! It's good to rant every now and then, it can make you feel so much better!!

Kerry D-C said...

LMBO!!! I am sorry to be laughing but I am still giggling over the part of you telling your DH to get Chix Soup! Anyhow, I hope that you feel better soon. ((hugs))

Wendy said...

oh jen how rotten hope you are feeling better now.


Kathy W said...

better to get well then to be creating! Of course no one is ever there to take care of mom.