Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa - the second visit

Hey yall. I'm currently in St Francisville celebrating Christmas with Jason's family. Last week the boys saw Santa at a Christmas party. This time, unlike the first, Joey was not scared! I thought I'd share some pictures of the boys with Jolly Ole St Nick.

Anthony absolutely LOVES Santa. He ran to the door to greet Santa when he came in. He climbed up in his lap and did not want to get down. There were other kids there who also wanted to see Santa, so he had to get down for a little while. In this next picture, he is daring anyone to make him get out of Santa's lap again!

I hope yall are all having a wonderful weekend. Oh, and how could I forget--Santa came early to my house and brought me the new Cricut Expression!!! I played with it a little when I got it Thursday night, but really haven't had time to do much with it. Aunt Pat also got one, so I'm gonna bring mine down to her house the day after Christmas. We're gonna have a few friends over and play with our new toys! I always figured it would be too hard to get Aunt Pat into papercrafting, but the QVC infommercial did all the hard work for me! She has since bought paper (my personal weakness) and a Xyron. Her first project is a calendar that I can't wait to see. She's hooked, but I don't think she realizes it yet. Anyway, yall better finish up your Christmas shopping--only a few days left!


Chrissy D said...

How fun! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Enjoy your family!

Christina said...

Awesome! What fun, all my family is in Las Vegas and we are stuck in Killeen! You must have been good this year have fun with it!

Kathy W said...

nice realistic Santa and he brought you a nice toy to play with to boot! can't wait to see all your projects with it!

AndreaB said...

How awesome you have a cricut expression! You will have to come to my house & show it to me!

Hope you guys had a great Christmas! Have a safe trip back...if you aren't already here! ha ha