Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winner of the Fluffles Tags

Hey yall. Today was the big drawing for my first blog candy. Joey was so excited that he got to pick the winner.

He said he knew who he was gonna pick. I told him first of all he didn't know who was in the drawing and second of all he had to pick a name with his eyes closed.

Of course, he drew Aunt Pat, which is who he wanted to win. I was watching so I know he didn't cheat. Anthony wanted to draw a winner too, so I thought we could have 2 winners just so no one thought it was rigged.
Anthony drew Kerry, one of my SBS-24 girls. I've got your address, Kerry, so I'll be sending you some tags. After I make them. :)

Joey took a picture of me calling Aunt Pat. Anthony never misses a chance to cheese for the camera.


Leona said...

more great piccis here jenn!

Aunt Pat said...

Tell Joey I'll get his money to him soon...just kiddin...Anthony was supposed to draw my name. Y'all look great as usual.