Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birds & Guitars

Yep, I know the title is a little weird, but the title is the hardest thing about having a blog. Plus I wanted to warn my SBS sister Kathy that there were birds on this post! Tuesday evening I made 2 cards using some of my new goodies from my secret sister Daisy. Joey keeps asking me every day, "Did you get any more mail from Mrs. Daisy?" It is so cute. I told him I was gonna get a new secret sister now, but he really likes Mrs. Daisy. I enjoyed having her as my big sis. On to the cards!

Both of these bird cards are using my new paper pack and matching brads. The sentiments are both from new stamp sets.

I love how they turned out. The best part is I used only 2 sheets, so I still have 34 sheets left!

I also made a birthday card for Kate. She turned 14 on Friday, so while I was at my retreat I borrowed someone's Indie Art cricut cartridge to cut out some guitars.

I think she'll like the guitars. I hate that I'm sending it so late, but that's just the way I operate most of the time.
Update on the 180 glasses--I took them on Friday to the place. I couldn't reach the woman on her cell phone, so I had to wait for her about 20 minutes before someone found her. She forgot I was coming, so she also forgot to get my check :( but don't worry--this is not the kind of place where I am concerned I'm not going to get paid. I emailed her my mailing address Monday so she could mail the check to me. Had I realized it would take so long to get to me, I probably would have gone back out there (it's very close to work). It didn't come in Tuesday's mail, but hopefully it will show up Wednesday.
I think yall are all about updated now. I hope your week is going great. Can you believe March is almost gone??? April means quarter end close at work, but hopefully it will all be smooth sailing. Have a good evening!


Christina said...

wow I think the bird cards came out fantastic. The guitar one is pretty cool too.

Theresa said...

Love the bird!! I really like the colors of that and the brads are wonderful!!
Excellent birthday card as well. I love how you placed the guitars!

Your blog title of birds & guitars was definitely eye catching!

Kathy W said...

too funny, thanks for the warning- but he is a cute little blue bird. but like the guitars better, definately a great scratch your head title that makes you want to check it out.