Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hey yall. I've got some excited news for all you stampers out there. Inkadinkadoo is giving away free stamps! The March INKAnews has a section at the bottom that says if you submit a project to their gallery, you get a free stamp! The maximum per household is 3 projects for 3 stamps. Lindsay at The Frugal Crafter shared this news with her bloggers last week when she sent in her projects. Yesterday she got 3 awesome stamps in the mail! You have to send them your actual projects, not just pictures. Here are my 3 cards I'm sending in tomorrow.

I received this fairy in an image swap and saw her on Inkadinkadoo's website, so I made a card with it. I'm not a huge fairy fan to begin with and this one kinda frightens me, so I figured I wouldn't use it anyway.

My camera had a hard time picking up the green ducks in this one. I love this card and will probably make another. I own this stamp & 2 more by Inkadinkadoo. The other 2 are detailed scenes and I just wasn't in the mood to use them.

Here's my second card with the duck stamp. It's pretty plain, but I still think it's cute. It fits with the new trend of "Clean and Simple" cards. I was determined to get 3 projects done tonight so I can get some free stamps! I hope you enjoyed my little projects. I'm uploading this post on Jason's laptop again and I'm really getting attached to this thing! I've got a scrapbooking retreat in a week and a half so I'm using the desktop right now to upload pictures to Winkflash. The desktop computer is acting better today, but this laptop is wonderful! Of course it's only accessible because Jason's at church. He'll be home any minute now and I'll have to give it back...oh well. Time to upload some more pics. Have a great evening!


Sharon said...

Thanks for this alert! I have some Inkadinkadoo's...and might try this!!

Kathy W said...

good luck, great bright cards. maybe fairies go in the flying catagory like birds- they freak me out.

Christina said...

WOW thanks for sharing that this is a neat offer!

Ceal said...

cute cards, thanks for sharing about the free stamps

thefrugalcrafter said...

They look great! I sent mine in last tuesady and got an email on thursday saying they got the cards and my stamps came this tuesday! I emailed a thank you back and she said the timing was great because their grab bags are filled with new releases left over from the last trade shows. How Lucky! Get them in the mail ASAP for the best stuff!

PS thanks for the link!