Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blonde moment

When I got off work today I had several errands to run. I found the tea glasses I needed, picked up my weekend retreat supplies from Wal-Mart, and picked up some vinyl at Hobby Lobby. On my way home, I saw workers in our neighborhood and remembered Christina told me we didn't have water when she left our house at lunchtime today. I tried it out when I got home and sure enough, no water. I decided against mac & cheese since I didn't have water to boil and fixed a quick dinner of eggs & toast. After that I etched the 8 glasses I needed done this week. When it got time to rinse the glasses I remembered -- no water (blonde moment). Since I had to do something, I put some bottled water in a bowl and rinsed the glasses. I am so relieved that I made those 3 dozen glasses last night instead of doing them tonight like I originally planned! Jason said they were still working on the road when they came home around 7:45. Hopefully I can take a shower in the morning. If not, it's not gonna be pretty. Yall have a great evening--I'm exhausted from being so busy this week so I think I'm gonna call it a night.

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kc_froglady said...

would love to see some pics of the glasses! I hope your water was back on for you today - we don't realize how much we rely on that faucet do we! LOL