Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Etching with the Cricut

Hey yall. Just wanted to share the new glasses I made for Easter. They feature the "jackrabbit" from the Zooballoo cricut cartridge.

I had bought 2 bags of Starburst jelly beans to put in some glasses for Easter, but I finished eating them before I got the glasses made :(

I still am not happy with my picture-taking skills for these glasses, but I hope you can see the rabbit.

I also wanted to show yall one of the funny things me and Aunt Pat saw on Saturday. There are several things we saw that I cannot blog about since I have an audience, but this one I can share. We saw this car parked at Michael's. I used the spray can thingy in the paint program to conceal the license plate. I did it on the laptop, which explains how messy it is.

We drove around and Aunt Pat took some pictures. As we were doing that, some people came out of the store. Some older lady came and stood behind this vehicle and stared us down until we were out of sight. I'm guessing she's the one who parked like this. Hopefully she wasn't memorizing our license number!

One last thing--today is my Daddy's birthday! Here's a picture of him from Anthony's birthday party. Jason and I are having lunch with him today at his favorite Mexican place-Chili Verde.

I would tell you what I got him for his birthday, but

a) he might find out from someone who reads this, and

b) I don't actually have it yet even though I know what I'm getting him.

I hope your Tuesday is starting out great!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that etching is great! and zoobaloo is one of the few carts I have!

Christina said...

I love these glasses very cute!

Kathy W said...

cute project and funny story to share