Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a fun day!

Hey yall. We had a fun filled day today. Jason was out of town, so he missed out. We had our last soccer game at 9am. We then had my work's Easter egg hunt at the zoo. We didn't make it on time to hunt eggs, but Aunt Pat came through -- she bought some eggs and stuffed them with candy so the boys could hunt them later. We did get to visit the zoo. We didn't see all the exhibits, but we had fun. Joey's favorite animal is the monkey with a bald butt because, "they don't have fur on their butts and I don't either." Wow, that kid is one of a kind. The boys went home with Mimi and Papa. Aunt Pat, James and I went to lunch, the glass place, Michael's, and Kohl's. We had so much fun, but are totally worn out. I've got some great pictures to show yall later. I haven't uploaded mine yet and Aunt Pat hasn't sent me hers. I hope yall had fun today too. On top of having a busy day, I didn't sleep good last night because I let Anthony sleep in the bed with me. I had a great evening with him yesterday, so it was worth it. Good night everyone!

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