Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Purple Card Candy

Good evening yall. This evening I finished making my purple card candy. I haven't done the packaging yet and I still have a little piece to finish on the last one, but I'm calling it a night.
There's not much to tell on these. The purse that looks blue is done with Lovely Lilac. I debated on what color to do the flowers on the butterfly, yellow or pink. I started to call Aunt Pat to ask her, but knew she'd say yellow, so I went with that. I was talking to Jason while I was making the fairy princess one and I guess I got sidetracked because when I finished, it had way too much white space. I improvised with some doodling. Her wand has a diamond on the end, her crown has glitter, and her dress and wings have crystal lacquer. I don't like that these don't match, but I wanted to use various purples instead of concentrating on just one shade of purple. OK, the kids have been in bed over an hour now and I can still hear Anthony talking. I better turn out some lights so he'll get to sleep. I'm thinking it's already too late, though, and I'll get to entertain Mr. Grumpy Pants in the morning. Have a good night.


Christina said...

I love how the bitterfly came out really pretty. and the fairy is too cute!

Aunt Pat said...

They are really adorable. I see you used some more of "our" paper. You're gonna have to teach me how to use all that sparkly stuff. Aunt Pat
(thanks for fixin the typo)

Anna Banana said...

Oh my goodness - that Octopus is too cute!!
I think i have the fairy - if it;s the studio g one but it hasn't seen ink et - I love what you did with all of these!!
Anna Banana

Shelly Koskinen said...

This card candy is cute!

Kathy W said...

cute stuff! why is all purple?

PaperAddictJenn said...

It's all purple because this card candy swap is based on color. I signed up to do a purple group, blue group, and green group.