Sunday, March 7, 2010

Joey's 2 Front Teeth

Yesterday morning was slightly traumatic at our house. Joey's 2 front teeth have been loose for several months. They were so loose that they were crooked. He complained that they hurt when he tried to eat, so he wasn't eating well lately. They were constantly bothering him, but he was scared to touch them and was waiting for them to literally FALL out. Jason and I decided to take action. We knew they needed to come out, but didn't want the dentist to have to do it since this would probably make him even more scared of the dentist (who has never done anything but checkups).

Here's an after shot. Jason held him down while I pulled the first one. Pulled is an exaggeration. When I grabbed it there was no pulling necessary. Joey was screaming before I even got near him and kept screaming in terror. I felt so bad, but we had to do something. He rinsed his mouth, calmed down a little, then got all upset again when we told him we had to pull the other one. It was a little trickier until I pushed it the right direction and it popped right out too. I've never seen him happier after it was over! He was so relieved to have those teeth gone. He said it didn't hurt, but that he was so scared it was gonna hurt. Then he said maybe it hurt a little, but not like he thought it would. I think he's got the cutest smile now! The tooth fairy brought him a whopping $10. We asked him if all that was worth the $10 and he said yeah. We told him we only got quarters and dimes for teeth when we were kids. He said that was because we lived in the 1900's and he lives in the 2000's. We couldn't help but laugh! He also said you get more when someone else pulls your teeth and he had 2 people helping with both of these. He's with Jason at Toys R Us now buying a new video game with the money he's been saving.

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Christina said...

LOl don't you know 10 dollars makes everything worth it? Poor guy tramatized by loose teeth. Well next time it should be easier.