Thursday, March 4, 2010

My latest projects

Hey yall. I've found a great stress reliever--crocheting granny squares. I'm currently making 2 squares a night. At this rate maybe I'll have enough to make a blanket by the time I'm 40. Of course I don't know how to join them together yet, but I'll get momma to show me how once I've gotten all the squares done.

My sweet friend Sharon is having a party for her dad and his twin brother this weekend. They are turning 90 years old! She bought some guest books and wanted me to put their names on them. They already had the word GUESTS on them.

Wesley is her uncle and Charlie is her dad. I really love how these books turned out! I used gold vinyl that was cut with my Cricut.
Ok, I gotta get to crocheting. Today was pretty rough at work, so I need to de-stress. Sometimes my brain just chooses not to work, and today was one of those days I guess. I struggled with one little thing for hours this afternoon. I'm happy I figured it out (with help) before I left this evening. Anyhow, yall have a great evening.


Ant Pat said...

these turned out really awesome!

Christina said...

Those are really cute and I m loving the granny squares.