Monday, March 29, 2010

My sweet boys

Hey yall. Time to share a few recent photos of the boys. First up we have Anthony in his John Deere shirt. When asked how he got the gaping hole in the front during the night, he said, "This shirt was so boring so I bit a hole in it and tore it with my hands."

Next up we have Anthony helping me skate at his 4th birthday party. He can be such a sweetie when he wants to be.

The final 2 pictures were actually taken this evening. Jason took the training wheels off Joey's bike, then helped him learn to ride.

I'm so proud of my big boy! He was so scared but he did great. He still needs a little practice getting started, but he'll figure it out.

Gotta go get Joey a snack now since he saw Anthony had one. Oh nevermind, I wasn't quick enough, so Jason got it. It's hard to get them to bed on time when it gets dark so late!

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Christina said...

I was so sad when mine learned to finally ride. I felt like they were no longer babies. How awesome for him though.