Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just talking

So I just realized I haven't taken the time to ramble on my blog lately and let's face it, what's a blog without random rambling? I really haven't done much crafty lately to talk about. Well, actually I made t-shirts for Anthony's tball fans last weekend. Not all his fans, just me, Joey, Aunt Pat, and James. Jason was out of town and I figured he'd want a more professional team shirt, so I didn't make him one. Last night I etched names on some glasses for some volunteers at church, but at this point yall have probably seen enough etched glass to last you a lifetime. I haven't done a lot of reading lately either. I've been reading The Buck Stops Here by Mindy Starns Clark for months now. If you haven't read her Million Dollar Mystery series, I definitely recommend it. She's a Christian author and this is the second time for me to read the series.

Hmm. What to talk about in paragraph 2. The kids! Boy, they have been busy. Joey's soccer season overlapped with Anthony's tball practice for a week, which wasn't too bad. Joey's coach had been trying to get him to make physical contact all year. He was always afraid he was going to hurt himself or another kid, so he worked hard not to make physical contact. In the next to last game, Joey kicked the ball into a kid's face and was so proud! Don't worry, the kid barely noticed, so he was obviously not hurt. Anthony is so happy to finally get to play a sport instead of being a spectator these last 3 years. He is just adorable in his uniform and plays hard.

Work has been going okay. I still wish I could stay home, but since that's not gonna happen at least I have a great place to go to work. It is quite stressful at times, but I think it's pressure I'm putting on myself. There are parts of my job that I absolutely hate, but everyone has that.

I'm doing pretty good following doctor's orders with no caffeine. I'm also trying to cut down on eating all the junk, which is a big challenge. I've switched to Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and I LOVE it! It is so much better than diet coke. Ok, off topic here, but Joey just came in the living room and asked me to look and see if he wiped his butt good enough. It's no wonder I can't focus on anything! Now I hear him asking his brother if his butt still has brown on it. Good grief. Anyway, I'm eating a little healthier now. I figure some improvement is better than nothing. As of Monday I had lost 8 pounds since March 16, which I'm pretty proud of. I've tried walking and running in the evenings. Of course the running is quite awkward, but I'm trying. I'd really like to take up tennis. It just looks fun and it's gotta be a lot of exercise running all over the court. I'm thinking I need to get in shape a little more before I tackle tennis. Plus it will be hard to play by myself since I don't really know anyone who plays.

I'm thinking about asking for an iPod Touch for either Mother's Day or my birthday (June). I'd like to have an iPod, but after hearing about all the cool stuff the iPod Touch can do, I want that particular one. Since I don't have internet on my phone, I think it would be cool to have the WiFi capability. I love the commercials for the new iPad, but I think I'd rather have the iPod Touch since I don't have a regular iPod yet. I'm thinking about deferring the iPod to my birthday though and asking for patio furniture for Mother's Day. We've always talked about getting some patio furniture for out by the pool, but have just never done it.

All this going on and on has kinda made me tired. Well, that and the 2 wild boys. I hear SpongeBob blaring from the boys' room right now. I am so thankful for SpongeBob. Last Saturday the boys got up at 6:42am. Are you kidding me? That's earlier than I wake them up on a school morning! I told them to go watch SpongeBob and they left me along until 8:11am. I was much happier with that extra little sleep than I would have been had I gotten up so early. We had such a busy Saturday planned that I needed that extra sleep. Well, after watching the cursor blink for 3 minutes I realize I must be done. Congratulations to those of you who stuck with reading this far! I wish I had something monumental to say now to make it worth all the reading, but nothing is coming to mind. Well, maybe you were able to not think about all the stress in your life during the 5 minutes you were reading this. I'll stick with that for now. Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime!

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Ashley said...

If you could find another "beginner", tennis really is a fun sport. It's really really good exercise. We (Keith and I) played all summer a couple of years ago. I never got good, but that's no surprise. However, I did get in really good shape. You will find muscles you never knew you had. Which, at that time, I actually did know because I was in A&P and had to learn them all, but that is beside the point. Anyways, enough of the rambling. I wish I could write well, I'd start a blog. Although, I think I'd want one anonymously so I could write anything on there. Kinda gotta be careful with the ones that family/friends read..Can't go off about ' Well, I've enjoyed it! Thanks for the update. For the 5 minutes it takes me to read the blog, I feel like it's 5 minutes I'm back in touch with ya'll. Feels nice. See ya!