Friday, April 16, 2010

My opinions

Hey yall. So I'm watching Shrek 3 with the kiddos and during the commercial break a tampon commercial came on. I just wanted to share my opinion with my faithful audience. Marketing should not put those type of commercials on during a show for children! Thank goodness the boys didn't ask what "nature's monthly gift" was. This was the commercial where "Mother Nature" is actually holding a wrapped present to represent the monthly gift. What are they thinking?

On the other hand, the boys LOVED the Axe commercial where the guy with his hair spiked up dives into the ocean to impress a girl. When he comes out of the water, there are fish impaled on his hair spikes! Then a big bird starts chasing him to get the birds. That one was quite entertaining.

Earlier we watched a Cheezit commercial and Joey picked up a new knock knock joke. He called Aunt Pat to try it out on her, but she had already heard it. Maybe some of you faithful readers will get to hear this new joke from Joey soon. Anthony learned a new joke on some tv show. Here's how it goes.
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Justin who?
Just in the neighborhood!
Of course since we laughed he now thinks he can make up anything and it's a funny knock knock joke.

That's it for this evening. We're gonna finish watching Shrek 3 and then head to bed. Hopefully the boys will sleep in a little bit tomorrow morning. We've got a free day until our tball game at 7:15pm. Not sure what we'll do, but with the crew we've got around here it's guaranteed to be fun! Have a great evening and I'll catch you later.

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Christina said...

I have to agree. What is it that they think they need to advertise THAT during a kids program...unless they think a ton of teenagers would watch.
Loving Joey's joke!