Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Jax

We had a very special visitor Monday evening while Anthony was at tball practice. Christy and baby Jax came by! Jax is 7 weeks old, but was born 8 weeks early, so he won't even be at his due date until next week. He's such a sweetie! He's up to 9 pounds now.

Joey begged and begged to hold him. I love this picture of them together. Jax had a checkup yesterday and is doing great. The doctor visit must have worn him out, though, because he slept all evening. I'm sure he'll be running after big brother Trent in no time!


Kaye said...

Precious picture of both of them!

Ashley said...

He looks way to natural at being a big bro holding a lil baby...hint hint!

Christina said...

What a sweet picture!