Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet Ashley

My sweet little cousin Ashley has been my biggest blog fan lately (and critic for not posting) so I thought I'd introduce her to yall. Ashley is the sweetest little country girl you will ever meet. Here she is with one of her latest catches.

Sorry guys, but she's taken. I love Keith almost as much as I love her. It seems that a love for crafting runs in the family. A few weeks ago, Ashley asked me what I thought about this.

Gorgeous! She definitely has talent. Her work started out wonderful but has just kept getting better with each project. Here's the second one she made.

I have no idea how she makes these, but plan on hearing all about it next time I get to see her. I've got a few more examples of her work that I will be sharing with yall tomorrow. Ashley has named her little crafty business "Signs from God" and already found somewhere to sell them. I'm so very proud of her. Feel free to leave some feedback--I'll pass it along to her.


Keith Bryant said...

Ha Ha. Good Stuff! Now when do I get my own post? Just kidding. I enjoy reading your blog. I think I may encourage Ashley to start one too especially when we start a family. It's always interesting to find out what you and your kiddos are up to. Love ya'll.

Tia Pat said...

I just think the Lord has blessed me so much with two of the sweetest nieces there ever were. Thanks Jenn for introducing Ashley to everyone.

Ashley said...

And Ashley is no longer your

Christina said...

Wonderful signs. I am do happy she has gotten the chance to spread the word. that is awesome!