Monday, February 28, 2011

My Polka Dotted Owl

Good evening! Jason had a meeting at church tonight & my 2 sweet boys got in trouble for fighting, so they were bored without video games or tv for the evening. I let them help me in my craft area. I've been wanting to cut out the owl from the Stamping cartridge & that's what we did tonight.

At first Joey was skeptical about a pink & brown owl, but after I cut it out he decided she was cute. We then used a branch from the same cartridge & put them on a sky blue background. I used SCAL to cut out a cute little cloud & then cut out Hello from the Stamping cartridge. I'm very happy that this turned out even cuter in person than in my head, because usually it's the other way around. The boys looked through all my cartridges & Anthony asked if I wanted a princess cartridge. I told him I liked cartridges with little boy stuff like him & his brother. He then said, "but don't you want a princess one for YOU?" He is so sweet. Sometimes. I enjoyed letting them help me and they've already told me my next project is going to be the dog from the Zooballoo cartridge. We'll have to see how that one turns out. Thanks for coming by!

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AP said...

She is precious! I think I would love to see a pink and brown owl.