Sunday, November 7, 2010

Emma & Sadie :)

Yall, I have a serious addiction to baby clothes right now! I am having so much fun putting fabric on onesies & shirts. I spent Friday night shopping for new fonts online (yeah, I'm a dork) & found a CUTE one at called Lollihop. I made 2 onesies with it this evening. The first one is for Emma, whose baby shower I will be attending next week.
The second is for Sadie, a precious little girl at church. The yellow vinyl doesn't match the yellow of the flowers, but it's just so cute that I don't care it doesn't match. Emma's name cut out cute, but Sadie's is just gorgeous.

I know this is just another crafting phase I'm in, but hopefully it will last for a little while so I can get several cute projects done and make some mommas happy in the meantime.

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Christina said...

I love how the Sadie one turned out! Your right even if it doesn't match it is pretty danged cute!