Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monogram Ornament shirts

Good evening! This year I have actually gotten a jump start on some Christmas projects! This evening I worked on some precious little shirts for some precious little girls. This first one is for baby Ella. The second one is for little Layla. The little gold part at the top is probably crooked in this pictures, but that's because I haven't ironed on that part yet. Jodie & I have discussed some options for the top of the ornament, but since she hasn't actually seen the gold fabric I was telling her about I decided to just bring her those pieces & she can iron them on if she likes them. If she's not a big fan of the gold we can sew a piece of ribbon on the top & tie a bow.

I just LOVE how these turned out! I've got plenty more projects to work on, but unfortunately do not have an endless supply of time on my hands. I try to do just a little each evening. I had someone at work today ask me about personalizing some glass bowls, so I may work on that soon. Thanks for coming by to look at my fun stuff!


AP said...

I love the ornaments. Something just doesn't look right about the hanger tho. It seems to be missing something.If there were some way to make some grooves in it, that might help. I still love them tho. Keep on craftin'.

Christina said...

I love the ornaments! I think a string and bow would be super cute for the girlieness of it.