Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little girls love football too!

Happy Election Day! Let me just start off by saying I HATE politics, so I avoided the tv today. I did go vote, but I'm so tired of hearing all the political blah blah blah! I spent my evening helping out some sweet little girls who love Saints football, but can't find any girlie Saints gear.

The onesie above is for sweet little Ella, who is 4 1/2 months old. The shirt below if for adorable Layla, who is 3 years old. I really hope their momma Jodie likes how these turned out.
I didn't want to just give them to her in a Wal Mart bag, so I decided to use one of my new sets of SVG files from My Scrap Chick. This is from the Bigger Bags set & I'm quite impressed with the size. It's about 5 inches tall, more than 6 inches wide, & almost 3 inches deep.

As you can see below, it was the perfect size for the two little pink shirts I made this evening. I put the picture of the bag of goodies on my Jennifer's Etched Glass facebook page & tagged Jodie in it, but I didn't want her to see a picture of the shirts.

I think I had taken too long of a break from my Cricut & now I'm trying to make up for lost time. I'm finding new stuff all the time that I can do. It's especially fun to work on girlie stuff since I live in a house with way too much boy stuff. Thanks for checking out my stuff & I hope to be back soon with more!


AP said...

I'm sure Jodie loved them. The bag is adorable. You won't have to search through your collection any more for just the right one. You can make one to match. Won't that be fun!

Christina said...

These are super cute! The bag is a good size too. Hard to find handmade bag things (templates etc etc) that are a good size.