Sunday, May 10, 2009

Anthony's Gymnastics

Hey yall. Yesterday was so incredibly busy that I never got a chance to post pics from Anthony's Tumblebus presentation. Here are a few shots of him in action.

The first station was at the bar. Those kids could flip all over that thing!

Here he's doing one of his rolls. I think this was the pizza roll.

The kids had to jump while they were standing on the balance beam. Not a single one of them fell!

They were in small groups. When it wasn't his turn, he just sat with his group as still and quiet as he could be. Look at how calm he looks! Any of you who know Anthony can understand why I was so shocked that he sat so still and quiet.

At the end they each received a medal and had to "ta-da" and wait until their parents got a picture. The whole thing was so cute.
I've got to go pick up my cuties from their Mimi & Papa's house across town. We had a Sunday School party last night so the boys spent the night over there. I'll have to come back later with pictures of my Mother's Day presents. Thanks for checking out the pictures and Happy Mother's Day!

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Christina said...

So sweet amazing what kids can do when they have no fear!