Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My clean house

Hey yall. It's been a crazy-busy week. We supercleaned Monday night because a realtor was supposed to take pictures of our house Tuesday evening, but she never showed up. I told Jason he should go ahead and take pictures so that next time she wants to show pictures of our house we'll have some ready. Here are a few pictures of our beautifully clean house.

Just to give you some perspective, here's what the house looks like when we bought it 4 years ago.

The kitchen counters used to be a country rose color and the cabinets were stained. We also replaced the laminate floors with tile, tore down the spindles, and painted over the wallpaper. Next we have a picture of the master bedroom. The walls were mustard yellow and the ceilings were blue with clouds.

The boys are home and exhausted, so we're gonna put them to bed now. I probably won't get a chance to blog again before Disney World, so I'll catch yall when I get back. Have a wonderful evening!

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