Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another birthday card

Hey yall. I got my birthday card from Andrea last night and wow, it's great.

Isn't it too cute! I love the stitching, the distressed brads, the little metal thingy on the top right corner of the dragon, the distressed edges, everything about this card is awesome!

Yall will not believe the stuff Joey comes up with. A minute ago he said he had a question (he always has a question). He said, "If I asked God in a prayer to play the Wii with me, and I gave him his own remote, would he? He can do everything at the same time, so will he?" It's no wonder I'm always exhausted. Update--Joey asked and God said no, no, no, no, no, no. Friday night he was making a Father's Day card and told me that my cards are not that good. They don't have the "excitement" that his cards have. "I mean, Momma, you can't even draw. You just glue paper on top of more paper, and use a stamp, which is not even something you drew. My cards are more personal. I draw pictures of things the person likes. And then on the inside, all you write is the to and from. I write really cool stuff." I told him I loved paper. He said, "Momma, it's just a flat surface."

Anthony is hilarious in his own way. During swimming lessons he told the teacher that he would jump off the diving board when he was older. Any time she mentioned doing something he wasn't sure about he told her he would do it when he was older.

Now I hear Joey in the kitchen calling himself a genius because he found the cheese crackers in the pantry when his daddy couldn't find them. Somebody help me.


AndreaB said...

Glad you liked the card. I really had fun making it...despite all my errors!

The little metal "thingy" in the top right corner of the dragon is called a photo anchor. I THINK it is from Ranger...but can't remember.

You should really try to go to Arlington with us next year so you can find some of these AWESOME products & techniques!! (Better start saving every nickle & dime you find RIGHT NOW!!) First timers seem to go over-board. Gets better (somewhat) the more you go. I think I still spend quite a bit, but I don't do the impulse purchases like I did the first year.

You will love it!!!

The Banks Family said...

I just found you on here! I love reading the cute things the boys say, and of course I love seeing your cards! You're so talented! Hope all is well at your house! Miss seeing y'all!

Little Miss Sparkle said...

Okay I laughed out loud when I read girls are still funny at soon to be 14 and 22 and this reminded me of all the cute and funny stuff they said when they were little! :)