Sunday, June 14, 2009

Etching Test Results

Good evening. I've got those test results I was telling you about earlier. First of all, the stained glass paint that I tried out yesterday is not dishwasher safe. It seemed permanent when I scratched it, but when the glass came out of the dishwasher, the paint was nowhere to be found. The good news about that is that if I make a glass for a candle holder or something that doesn't go in the dishwasher, I can start over if I mess it up.

The next test involved etching on a regular ceramic coffee mug that has a glossy finish. I had never thought it was possible until I saw it on someone's blog Friday night. Here's the result.

Tada! It looks a lot brighter because of the flash on the camera. It looks like a regular etching in person. I picked this black coffee mug up for a dollar at Big Lots yesterday. I have several precut fleur-de-lis images, so I just used one of those to test this out. I've decided to give this away in a very interesting way. I've got several people from work who visit my blog regularly and most (if not all) of them really like fleur-de-lis. I am going to give this coffee mug to the first person from my company who leaves a comment on this post. I'm pretty sure I know who's gonna win, but I may be surprised. I gotta let Jason do his homework now. Yall have a good evening!


Aunt Pat said...

hey...nifty mug. i'll have to try that out. guess where i'm from tonite? wesson, mississippi(hahaha)hope you get a bunch of comments.

Meredith said...

Is it me? But since I don't drink coffee, please let the second person who comments have the coffee mug. It's very pretty - I like it. If no one else from work comments, then I'll pick a winner for you!

How was your birthday? You didn't blog about your weekend birthday activities.

Christina said...

This came out great Jenn. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Ok, since Meredith doesnt drink coffee, and I do, maybe, just maybe, I can be the winner. I really think the mug is nice.
Debbie N