Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Howdy Yall!

Hey yall. I made a card for my co-worker Haley's dad for Father's Day this evening. He's into horses and roping, so I had the perfect stamp. I had bought it a while back on clearance and never used it. The reason I bought it is because Joey's school team is the Wranglers. Tonight was the first time I inked it up.

I used white core cardstock for the base, sanded it down, and chalked it to make it look dirty. The red paper is some Creative Memories paper from years ago. The brown paper has a kind of wood grain look to it and was a scrap. The fiber was a little scrap too. I used my Nestabilities and Copics that my Big Sis bought me. The card did not take very long and I love how it turned out. I think she'll like it. The truck card I made yesterday didn't last an hour at work before it was purchased.

Yall would not believe my kids. Joey is "practicing" for second grade by doing math facts. He is begging us to teach him more, so Jason is teaching him some multiplication tables. Joey used the phrase "per se" a minute ago and I nearly fell on the floor laughing. We were talking about how some kids need flashcards, but Joey probably won't. We decided Anthony will need more than just flashcards. To prove the point, Jason asked him what 2 x 3 is. He yelled "BINGO!" Yep, those boys are as different as daylight and dark. Joey just figured out that 50 x 50 is 2500. To think, just 30 minutes ago I was amazed at how he logically worked through 45 + 45. Anthony is playing with a letter stamp set. Between helping Anthony get these letter stamps back in the box and trying to listen to Joey's bathtime math recital, I can barely concentrate here. I'll have to check back in with yall later. Have a good night!


Aunt Pat said...

wow! i just love this card. this one wouldn't last as long as the other one (if it wasn't already sold).i think jason should set up some video cameras in the house so y'all can send all the kids antics into AFHV. you could quit work then and spend all your time making cards.

Rhonda Parker said...

Very nice card... and I like the coloring on the first card you made with your special markers. :) Yeah, you - great birthday gift! Have a happy birthday week.
P.S. - I found your blog through your comment on Please Don't Eat Sushi - I love it; so hilarious!
P.P.S. - Your boys sound delightful! My girls are 5 and 7, and the 7 year old is always trying to teach the 5 year old the "large" number math facts.