Monday, June 29, 2009

James got happy mail!

Hey yall. James got 2 birthday cards in the mail today and was so excited! We hadn't told him about asking everybody to send him birthday cards, so he was a little confused at first, but happy all the same. Thanks to everyone who has sent one. If you haven't sent one yet, you've still got time! Yeah, I know his birthday is tomorrow, but late birthday cards are still happy birthday cards. Ok, gotta go now, but thanks for all your help!


Aunt Pat said...

Thanks so much for sending out the card request. James was really excited to get his cards. He asked me how they knew it was his birthday and then he read on the card it was from your stamping buddy. You're the best. Love, Aunt Pat

Aunt Pat said...

James got another card today. I got happy mail too. Thanks for the Riley.