Wednesday, July 1, 2009

gotta have a sense of humor

Hey yall. Sorry for the weird title, I'm just not coming up with anything to describe today's card, which I think is hilarious. I finally colored an image I swapped with someone recently and made a card.

Isn't it too funny? I don't know what I'm gonna do with it, but I decided to go ahead and make a card. I'm sure just the right birthday will present itself. Andrea--it's too bad I didn't have this in time for Jay's birthday!

I also wanted to share a picture of what Anthony was doing the other night. He was just in his underwear and t-shirt, so I'm only sharing the picture of him from the waist up. Or would it be waist down since he's upside down?
He's got his feet quite comfortably propped up on the wall behind the couch. He kept vaulting up there, then flipping back down on the floor. I don't like to share pictures of one kid without giving the other kid equal blog time, so here's my favorite picture of Joey at VBS.
I think Jason said they were doing announcements during this picture. It perfectly shows his "I'd rather be at home" attitude that he shared with us daily after bible school, which was "40% good and 60% bad" every day. That's all I've got tonight. I etched 14 glasses this evening, but I didn't take pictures and I've already gotten them boxed up and in my van, ready to be delivered at work tomorrow. I hope yall have a good evening. I'm glad tomorrow is the last work day of the week!


Anonymous said...

Love the image, lol. Good choice of colours, great card!

Aunt Pat said...

That card is so funny. You can wait and send it to me. I absolutely love your new page. It is so you. All the kids in the picture seem to have that same look. It's not just Joey.