Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hey yall. I'm sitting in my very quiet house right now enjoying the lack of noise. Jason's gone to youth camp, Joey is at his Nanny's house, and Anthony is at Aunt Pat's house, so I'm all alone for several days. This will probably be my only post this week because although I plan to make lots of stuff, Jason took the camera with him. He also took the good laptop so I don't even have any pictures to upload.

Beth at My Cricut Scrapbooking is giving away a second Bind-It-All this week since 2 of the entries last week kept voting for themselves instead of letting it be an honest vote. The voting parameters have been changed to allow 1 vote per IP address per 24 hour period. Please go HERE and vote for 15. Glass Etching each day this week if at all possible. I appreciate all your help again. Yall have a great week!

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