Friday, July 3, 2009

Mario & Luigi

Here's the glass Joey picked out. It features Mario & Luigi. At dinner tonight Anthony drank out of the Mario glass and Joey drank out of the Mario & Luigi glass. Hopefully I won't croak when they drop and break one of them, because I'm sure it'll happen at some point.

Ok, I'm almost in tears now. A commercial just came on for some type of exercise equipment - Body by Jake. Anthony & Joey both love commercials and infomercials, so I'm used to them watching closely. As the commercial was going off, Anthony said, "Hey, I want that when I get fat" in his sweet little 3 year old voice. Kids are awesome. Jason is trying to explain to Joey right now why we have belly buttons. He's not getting it, but he tends to be a little slow like his mom. Ok, I'm gonna try to sneak off to my desk and make some Christmas in July cards for my SCS swap. I should probably start on the cards for the quilling swap due in August. They are most likely gonna be more time consuming than my estimate. Yall have a good evening!

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Aunt Pat said...

This one's cute too. I'm sure they won't drop them mom. I'm not gonna even comment on the belly button thing. I hope you get your cards done in time.