Thursday, July 2, 2009

Christmas in July, card 1

Hey yall. I received my first July card with the theme "Christmas in July." This was made by PatinTN on SCS.
I also want to share with yall the Lego house Joey built for Indiana Jones. It has a blue toilet, a living room with a tv, and a kitchen with 2 chairs. I like how the chimney has white smoke coming out of it. Joey wanted me to also mention that the roof is kinda nice and you could actually walk on it.
Next, I wanted to show you Anthony "relaxing" in the recliner. He's usually passed out either in the recliner or on the couch when I get home from work since he's allergic to naptime, but he's awake in this picture.
Last, I wanted to show you (mainly Aunt Pat) the pitcher I just bought at Dollar General. I don't know what I'm gonna etch on it, but I think it's super cute.
I've just been informed that I need to edit the paragraph on Indiana Jones' lego house. The house was actual made for Joey (by Joey), but Indiana is sitting in it right now since Joey's too big to fit in there. He said after I write that I can do whatever I want on here. Anthony is sitting next to me saying, "I wanna kitty cat" over and over. Parenting is an experience unlike any other. I gotta go now--Joey wants to display his lego house somewhere so that everyone who comes over can see it, but Anthony can't reach it to break it. Maybe we should go buy a special cabinet. I mean, we don't have a china cabinet, but why not have a lego cabinet?


Aunt Pat said...

Tell Joe that I think his house is super cool. Tell Anthony that he can't have a kitty cause when Dixie has her puppies y'all are gonna get one of those. I really like the pitcher. I 'specially like the handle.

Little Miss Sparkle said...

Jenn...yet again, these are the reasons I love kids so much... they grow up too fast, though!- I think a lego cabinet is a most excellent idea... that way you can display all the family's creations!