Sunday, July 5, 2009

My kids are too cool

Last night on the way to get fireworks, I asked Joey (almost 7) what he wanted to be when he grows up. He wants to be a kindergarten teacher. I thought that was so sweet, so I asked him why he decided on that. He said, "Well, kindergarten is just about learning your letters and numbers, and I already know them, so it should be pretty easy." I was speechless, except for the laughter I was trying to contain.

Joey wants me to share with everyone the Mario powers he has formed out of legos. He has made star power, fire power, ice power (from Super Mario Galaxy), flying power (Super Mario 3 raccoon), mushroom, 1 up mushroom, teeny tiny power mushroom, and huge power mushroom. They really are pretty cool looking, but him running around the house pretending to use these powers is a little annoying. For example, yesterday he had "star power" so he ran around humming the star power song and running into things. I guess I was a bad guy because when he ran into me he said that he killed me.

I've gotta find some lunch for us. I hope yall have a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Maybe we'll all get a nap today. By the way, I just started uploading to my SCS gallery yesterday, so check it out if you're over that way. My username is PaperAddictJenn. Happy Crafting!

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