Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who Moved My Paintbrush???

The answer to "Who moved my paintbrush?" is me. The problem is that I can't remember where I moved it to. You see, the other day, I was cleaning the bathroom counter. I have a little cheapo kids paintbrush that I use to paint the etching cream on my glasses. Since I usually rinse the paintbrush in the bathroom sink, it usually stays by the bathroom sink. Well, while I was cleaning I thought, "Hey, I could just put it _____________ and then I would know where it was and it wouldn't be cluttering up the bathroom counter!" See how that works? Fill in the blank with your best guess, cuz I can't remember for the life of me where this perfect storage place is. I have hunted all over the place. During my search I did find my great aunt's expired driver's license (she left it in a coat pocket she gave me and has since gotten a new license), a large purple crayon (from when Joey was in PreK--he's almost 7), and a roll of masking tape (I just bought a roll last week to use instead of tranfer tape with my vinyl). So, I ended up using a foam sponge. It worked, but it would be like using a sock to paint a wall--it gets the job done, but it takes way longer and looks terrible. At least the end result should look normal. I'm off to clean the glasses now. If you see my turquoise handled paintbrush, could you pick it up and put it on my bathroom counter, next to the sink?


Aunt Pat said...

I'm trying to think of the perfect place for your paintbrush and I am drawing a blank. Did you ask Anthony or Joey where it might be? I'm thinking that maybe AMR might have been crafting with you. Hope you find it.

Christina said...

LOL now try doing this as you move into new house. Hubby and I can't find a thing!