Sunday, June 7, 2009

New etched glasses

Hey yall. I tried etching on some colored glasses yesterday.

I really like the blue coffee mugs I picked up. I also got some blue drinking glasses.
On another note, I've been very far behind on my blogs lately, but I got a message from one of my favorite bloggers and spent some time catching up. Yall go check out Please Don't Eat Sushi and be sure to leave a comment. After you look at the blog, you can go back to my post yesterday and see the comment that was left. Joey (all knowing at age 6) keeps asking me why I'm smiling. I told him it was too hard to explain, but I hope you enjoy the smile you'll get from this blog.
Anthony's whining to sit in my lap while I play on the laptop and Joey is talking rather loudly about Mario Galaxy, so I'm done blogging. Have a good afternoon!


Aunt Pat said...

ooooohhhhhh. i like this colored glass. both of them look great.

Christina said...

i love the etching on blue!