Monday, December 14, 2009

Fleur de lis trifle bowl

Good evening! I had a quick minute and wanted to share my latest project with you. I made this trifle bowl for a co-worker's mom for Christmas.
One side has a W and the other side has a fleur de lis. I really like how the large fleur de lis turned out. Hopefully he will like it. More importantly, I hope his mom likes it.
I'm so excited because tomorrow is our work Christmas party. We've had a stressful few months at work so a party is just what we all need. I hope yall are enjoying Christmas!


Christina said...

OHHH SO pretty! Well if she doesn't like it send it this way It already has my monogram on it LOL!

Aunt Pat said...

I absolutely love this. What font did you use and what size is it? I'm gonna get me some and keep them on hand.